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    frosted glass (vray mat.)

    Hi to all masters here...im just new to vray...just want to ask if anybody has a frosted glass mat. file...or if anybody can teach me on how to do a frosted glass in vray....i really,really,really need it...pls...coz im working on a interior project here in the office,,,,and my deadline is on thurs.... hope you can help me....thanks in advance....here is my email add if in case you a mat. file for a frosted glass....tnx again.... odi1221@yahoo.com....
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    hmm, nobody could help you ? what a shame...
    try a noise or celluar map in the bump slot or refractive slot. you could also use a low glossiness value for the refraction to create that kind of effect.
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    Jan 2004

    I found this one at cgarchitect...hope it helps
    I ma looking for a good one, too, but right now this is good enough...not tested this much yet...
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    Apr 2006

    thanks voltron for giving me a mat. file... thanks!!!
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    Jan 2004

    You're welcome. Thanks Jeff Mottle at cgarchitect who uploaded the mat file (I think?)
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    Nov 2005

    try this one: http://www.alzhem.com/
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    Dec 2006

    i download the frostedvryaglass.zip and when i unzipp the file all i get is a link to an access database...how can i use it? thanks
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