Making of Fifth Avenue in NYC

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Gilvan Isbiro shows how he made his "Fifth Av." visualization.

The idea of make this picture started when I was working on my "Davis street". (Read the tutorial "Making of Davis street"). I was searching for reference materials for cars, streets, lights and other stuff and then I found this picture:

Click on image to enlarge 3_7.jpg

Reference image


It interested me, so I decided to recreate this scene in 3d. I started gathering more references of this place, to have as much details as possible to get nice materials and lighting.


Click on image to enlarge 1_7.jpg

Final work


Click on image to enlarge references_2_10.JPG

Reference images


I used the main reference image as the background image of my scene. I started positioning some boxes to block-out the buildings in the scene. To learn about the details of the buildings I used Google Street view.


Google Street View of the 5th Av.


I modeled manholes and surroundings, I used a displacement map to achieve uneven street surface.

Click on image to enlarge 12_5.jpg

Modeling street surface


Click on image to enlarge 14_3.jpg

Modeling manholes


Click on image to enlarge 15_3.jpg

Modeling stage


To make the street, I separated the model into two, because I wanted to use two kinds of textures - one in high resolution and one in low-res.

Click on image to enlarge 16_4.jpg

Street texture


Click on image to enlarge 17_3.jpg

Street texture


I modeled manholes areas to make them look old and damaged.

Click on image to enlarge 18_4.jpg



Click on image to enlarge 19_3.jpg



Put some leaves on the street to make it look natural.

Click on image to enlarge 20_2.jpg



Click on image to enlarge 21_1.jpg



Click on image to enlarge 22_1.jpg

Textures of buildings


Click on image to enlarge 23_2.jpg

Textures of buildings

For street surface material I used a mix and put in the diffuse Color 1. Road texture was created in Photoshop. I applied a color correction, made it darker, copied to Color 2 and also make some color corrections. Then I put a map in MIX Amount.

Click on image to enlarge 24_2.jpg

Street material


Click on image to enlarge 25_2.jpg

Street material: Reflect , glossiness and bump settings


Click on image to enlarge 26_1.jpg

Making blend material


I placed the stuff I just made in a blend with the material 1 and Material 2, increased the reflection and left only the diffuse map and deleted others (bump,reflect,Rglossiness). I masked it with a separate map to get some puddles on the street surface.

Click on image to enlarge 27_2.jpg

I used Vray to light planes around of the environment


Click on image to enlarge 28_1.jpg

I also put some lights inside stores


Click on image to enlarge 29_1.jpg

Render settings


Click on image to enlarge 1_7.jpg

Final work


Thank you very much for your reading and I hope you like this article. Good luck!

Author: Gilvan Isbiro Editor: Michal Franczak
Tags: city 3dsmax vray isbiro of new making nyc intersection gilvan york
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ericenmvt11:38:33  |  21-01-2014
problem with your american flag (near sprint shop) ;)
barufinho13:21:47  |  21-01-2014
Fala Gilvan...trabalhamos na Digital em São paulo. Blz garoto!? tá mandando muito bem! Parabéns
fasalkp13:47:46  |  24-01-2014
Hi great job, How many days taken for full work?
mbialecki11:40:42  |  09-07-2014
Nice work! I dont like haos on the ground (street looks like after earthquake, to much reflections, strips to wide)...but generally nice technique... good luck in next projects :)
Fabinho14:50:36  |  09-07-2014
nice work!.. one thing that bothers me is the way you lit up your scene. The final image looks too lit up. I personally think lighting up your scene using an overcast cloudy HDRi with a hint of the direction of the light will make this scene much better and extremely realistic. My little two cents. Thanks... Nice work :)
Octaedro16:29:38  |  09-07-2014
Great Job! congratulations Gilvan love textexturing!!


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