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The Secret training book
The Secret training book
The Secret training book
The Secret training book
The Secret training book
The Secret training book
The Secret training book

The Secret training book

This Training DVD comes with step by step creation process of 3 different 3D scenes. It is in a form of 150 pages flash book with hundreds of pics and over 80 videos. Modeling tips, texturing process, uvw mapping, photoshop post production, lighting, and materials setup - all is there.
This dvd also includes a bonus scene of destroyed air village.
Download the DEMO and see for yourself (demo version includes only first 15 pages and tip links are disabled).
Minimum system specification is:
dual core with 4gb of ram and 64 bit system.
Recommended system specification is: quad core with 8gb of ram and 64 bit system.

Special 50% discount for studios and companies.
Buy every next license of tutorial per seat 50% off. This discount applies for purchase of more than one tutorial.

Total size: 4.74 GB in 49 files
V-Ray *.max
object prepared for V-Ray renderer with 3ds max 9 or higher (with textures and shaders)
9 or higher
120 EUR
Shop furniture 44 AM44
EUR 30
chair 21 am45
EUR 12
125 frank 66 5 5 am80
Appliance 14 AM23
EUR 10
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Guitar Amplifier 46 AM67
EUR 20
roto balls 40 am104
EUR 10
table 43 am138
EUR 10
Aethusa cynapium 034 am124
bathroom fixtures 30 am127
EUR 20
barrel 24 am 146
EUR 10
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