Announcing The Forest Collection! Archmodels vol. 182

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We present photorealistic 3d-scanned branches, trunks, cones and stones for your visualizations.

Archmodels vol. 182 is a collection of 56 sets of models of branches, trunks, cones and stones - over 100 separate models are included.

You can pre-order Archmodels vol. 182 from Evermotion Shop for only €90. Offer is valid till 25th of April, after that time the price will rise to €120.

The scans were made in the most ecological region of Poland, the land of the last natural forest in Europe, UNESCO heritage. All items in this collection were carefully scanned in north-european woods. They are perfect as the secondary elements in your visualizations - they will give a natural look and feel to your exterior shots. These items are suitable not only for creating fleece in the forest, they are also perfect for making natural looking surroundings of trees in your visualizations, for example - they can be great to put some variety to the lawn or rock garden.

We also are giving you a complete forest scene from our promo video. Which means that you get dozens of additional models of plants, trees, small greenery and additional organic elements. It is a big source of additional content for your visualizations. Not to mention - you also get all carefully tweaked lighting and render settings for your exterior shot.


The scanned models were optimized and retopologized in Zbrush and provided in the most popular 3d formats: MAX (Scanline, MentalRay and V-Ray), C4D (Advanced Renderer and V-Ray), FBX and OBJ. The scene was created in 3ds Max and V-Ray.


We also included moss texture maps that you can use with Forest Pack or V-Ray Fur to achieve even greater realism. 





You can pre-order Archmodels vol. 182 from Evermotion Shop for only €90. Offer is valid till 25th of April, after that time the price will rise to €120. So, if you buy until that date, you save €30! Offer that cannot be missed!





Author: Evermotion Editor: Michał Franczak
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